Now and then, a small announcement just doesn't get the job done. That's why we want to tell you a little bit more about big updates in our game. Most of the updates are based on analysis of how our managers play OSM, combined with feedback from our community. Just like all great football players are able to anticipate, you will be able to anticipate changes and maybe adjust your game plan!

Manager Points replaced by Manager Medals

Top 10.000 survey

Some time ago we asked all top 10.000 players in OSM what they thought was a good feature that fit the end of Manager Points. We are investigating if we can implement the top of the feedback list (such as Achievement, VIP League, merchandise). When we know more, we will of course let you know.

Manager Progression survey

Research showed us that Divisions and Medals has led to managers experiencing more progression while playing OSM. And with the addition of Division our managers can better compare their skill levels with other managers.

With all the success of Divisions in recent months and the technical complexity of the old Manager Points system, we have decided to remove the old Manager Points system from OSM. We're going to phasing out Manager Points in the coming months. After that, Manager Points will no longer be visible in OSM.

When we have an exact date for the removal of the Manager Points, we will let you know.


After the successful trial of the Knockout game mode, we proceeded to add a Group Stage to the formula. That way, you can play full-on Tournaments in OSM! As it is already a popular game mode in beta, we'll keep adding nice features to make Tournaments the best experience it can be!

Knockout tournaments

We're taking a new step forward in OSM. After having focused on leagues for a long time, we're ready for an additional dimension: Knockout tournaments! Recently, we released a first test Knockout tournament for everyone to play, which turned out to be a great success! Look forward to more improvements in Knockout soon.


In a game about managing a team, you want all important information clearly visible and available within a few clicks. The Dashboard in OSM is a very important place for getting this information. That is why we updated it to contain as much information about your next match as possible. That way, you can make well-informed decisions to win your next match more easily!

Squad numbers

Squad number 9 for Messi. Number 11 for Ronaldo. Did you ever feel the need to assign the correct squad numbers? Yea, that's what we thought. And so did we. That's why fixed it. The squad numbers in OSM now correspond with the actual squad numbers of the players. As a manager, you can even change these numbers as you please. But watch it, it's a delicate thing for most players.

Nationality bonus

Nationality isn't just a text on a passport. It's also a connection, something you can't explain. On the pitch, you often see this when players from the same country instinctively feel each others presence. As a manager, it's your job to utilize this. And that's possible from now on. It's already hard to stand out when you're amongst quality managers. This is another tool to make sure you can really finetune your Line-up. Good luck!


March, 2018 - Being a football manager can be a lonely profession. Fans aren’t there to cheer you up when you’re lying behind on the objective, getting the Chairman treatment or driving home all by yourself after 5 consecutive days sleeping over at the club. It’s a competitive and isolated world we live in. But that’s going to change right now. You can now team up with other managers to form a Crew. A Crew where you can chat, play and battle other Crews!


And with whom will you enter this adventure? You can join all sorts of Crews, create your own and invite Friends to accompany you. There’s also a certain hierarchy in the Crew. The one with the golden crown is the Boss. And as often with bosses and leaders, there can only be one. The member with the golden circle is the Captain, the Boss’s right hand. And then there’s the normal member, a man yet without gold. The Boss and Captains can start Battles and League’s, promote/relegate other members and change the avatar, membership, motto and tag of the Crew.


How do I communicate with my fellow members? To start off: a fast, beautiful and completely new chat system. This gives you the possibility to discuss starting up a Battle, creating a League, discuss tactics during a Battle or just chat about the weather, football and everything else.


The ultimate teamwork within your Crew: battling against another Crew. How? First, you need 5 motivated and tough members. The Boss and Captains can start the process of a Battle with creating a recruitment. 5 members can join this recruitment. When the recruitment is full, we will automatically start searching for another Crew within your skill range that wants to battle. When we found one, your Battle starts. Every member draws a club and will play against the opponent crew members. The Crew with the most points wins!


A competitive League amongst your own members. The Boss and Captains can create a League and every member can join. Compete for the title of best member and prepare your Crew for Battles.

Quite a challenging feature don’t you agree? Then why are you still reading this? Go check it out!

Super Doc

July 26, 2017 - Long ago were the times that a Doctor actually had to enter the pitch with a stretcher himself. Nowadays he's mostly guiding players in the gym, training individually, massaging and stretching. And let's not forget about the medical scientific and technological improvements. We felt our Doctors were ready to take advantage of these changes as well.

That's why, on a sunny Tuesday, all Stuart Stethoscopes went to a Doctor's training. No worries, all the dummies survived. As a result, there's now a chance your very own Doctor reduces injuries with 2 or 3 matches instead of just the 1. Hopefully you won't need it soon but if so, know your Doctor is ready for the job!

World Domination

May 8, 2017 - Every manager has dreams. Some want to coach the best players in the world or come up with the most cutting edge Tactics in football. Others do it for the fame and the attention. And then we have the managers that want to manage in as many countries as possible. For these adventurers we now have World Domination. It’s not just a passion, it’s also important for status, something other managers look up to.

The percentage of World Domination is not only something to show off with though. Every completed continent wins you a giant Achievement and a lot of matching Boss Coins. You can tap the continents for an overview of all completed leagues and earned trophies per country. Use World Domination to impress your Friends and show them who’s the most international manager. The world is your playground!

Match experience

November 3, 2016 - We know a lot of our managers missed having the Scoreboard around. And so did we. That's why we came up with something even better. Match experience allows you to really see what happened during your match. And on top of that our best pundit, Alan, will give you tips about your tactical decisions. Your match experience will begin when your match is about to start and you open the app.

Alan, as a critical ex football player, knows how the game is played and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He’s set up by Gary, the kind of smooth presenter you’d expect to host the show. While they watch your game and analyze everything, Mark commentates from the Stadium. Mark, who still talks about that game back in ‘68, has seen it all and will tell everything you need to know. Let these three guys help you become an even better manager and enjoy their show!

Improved Transfer List

August 29, 2016 - The Transfer List should be the core of a successful manager. However, it turned out that some of our top managers couldn't improve their Squad because the players on the Transfer List weren't good enough. We wanted to make sure there's a quality player on there for everyone. And of course, expand the supply.

This means when the Transfer List refreshes, it adds more players to the Transfer List. This also means that there should always be a player available that can improve your Squad (unless someone else snatches him away). And last but not least, players will now also train at their clubs before they appear on the Transfer List. Don't let it scare you, players can now appear on the Transfer List with a quality above 100!

Balancing top players

August 29, 2016 - Lately we had reports of players with quality levels over 160! The credits go to the managers in play but this might be a little too much. The better players become, the harder it is to learn them something new. That's why it will be a bit harder to progress top players during Training and Friendlies. Players will still progress but this will be a little less as the quality level rises above around 110. Also to help out some of the smaller teams!

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